Today we are going to talk about Baby Photography Gold Coast. Is the Gold Coast where your home and your heart are? Are you preparing for a brand new addition to your family? Has a gorgeous new little baby arrived to bless your family just recently? Well now is the time to think about capturing your baby memories before your baby is already starting school at one of the many, many schools on the Gold Coast.

My studio is within driving distance of the Gold Coast, however, I can bring lots of the studio to you on the Gold Coast if need be. Lots of things such as baby props, lighting equipment, blankets etc. Your call of course, especially at such a momentous time in you and your family’s life.

Newborn photography includes newborn babies and up to one year old. The Gold Coast is such a vibrant and exciting place to rear a family, and we can find many places out of the hectic pace of the tourist areas of the Gold Coast to capture some unforgettable images of your beautiful baby.

The first place to consider is your own home. Depending on the location to parks in particular, we can find lots of different areas that offer quiet ambience to take some very cute and engaging photos of your darling little treasure.

Put together a mix of a beautiful baby, a stunning area that is the Gold Coast, a photographer devoted to capturing simply gorgeous and timeless images, and you have the wow factor with your photographs.

Beautiful Newborn baby photography is just a heartbeat away from the Gold Coast to where my studio is situated. But as mentioned, I am also just a heartbeat away from the Gold Coast and with family members situated at the Gold Coast, I am very familiar with all that the coast has to offer in the way of photography locations and places to consider for older babies to play and be photographed.

For instance-the area to the north of the Gold Coast around Ormeau, has some spectacular parklands and ovals to run and play in, and to capture your images. They are quiet, out of the normal rush of some parts of the coast and very picturesque. I love it there.

Babies-they don’t stay that way for long remember. Time to book in for that shoot while you can. If you are wanting newborn images. The time to book is in the third trimester of your pregnancy. You may also want to document that beautiful time and take advantage of the maternity and newborn combined package – with great savings.

If you are hoping for images of a baby that is two months to one year old, book in any time for caring and considerate service to make your photography experience a lovely one.

When baby is one year old, the Gold Coast is the perfect backdrop for fabulous cake smash images. Usually done in the studio, I am happy to organize a cake smash at your home or in a park.

Baby photography. Magical images just because a baby is the subject. Learn more


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