If you have recently installed a brand new bathroom or had a bathroom renovation Brisbane, and want to keep it maintained in a pristine condition, then there are some tips and tricks as to how to keep it in immaculately clean instead of having to scrub relentlessly every second day.

Seal All Surfaces With A Repellent Coating

Hotels cheat when it comes to maintaining the condition of their shower screens and tiles; they have their surfaces coated with a water repellent such as Rain-X, and this stops water from settling on glass and tiles and leaving water marks. A quick squeegee over the shower glass and tiles will also remove any drips that can stain shower doors and tiles.


Remove Bar Soap From the Bathroom

Bar soap often can slide around sinks and shower stalls, leaving scum that has to be removed and scrubbed off. Liquid soap in pump containers helps to prevent soap scum from accumulating, thus making the bathroom easier to maintain.

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom

Wipe the Toilet and Bathroom Sink Every Evening

Cleaning the toilet twice per day, by leaving a toilet cleaning product and a spray cleanser nearby the toilet, and wiping over surfaces with toilet paper will easily keep the toilet maintained. Similarly, having a pile of microfiber cloths, giving the hand basin a quick wipe over and spray twice daily will also have the bathroom remaining immaculately clean.

Mop out the Shower and the Floors

If you have put a water repellent on all shower surfaces, and used a squeegee to remove water droplets from shower doors, then twice weekly a simple mop of the shower stall and wiping over

of the class will keep the shower clean. Wiping out the bath after every use is also advisable, and a simple spray cleaner and microfiber rag should see this job completed easily.

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